Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gospel Standards (Heber J. Grant)

Title: Gospel Standards
Author: Heber J. Grant
Year: 1969
Special notes: Comes with library-style dust jacket plastic cover

Condition: Very good
Binding: Very good
Highlights/writing: None. It has a sticker in the first page with former owner's information (see picture)
Cracks and tears: None

Price: $10.00
Shipping: $2.50


"This new volume of classified paragraphs and stories from the sermons and writings of the seventh President of the Church will take its place with the vital Church works of this Dispensation.

"Continuous revelation is the lifegiving doctrine of the Church of Christ. It must be so, for constant human progress, with corresponding changes, forms the objective of the Plan of Salvation. Therefore, as need arises in an increasing Church, the Lord provides, through the duly chosen President, new revelation or further applications of trhths already revealed. Communication with the Lord is always open. To supply such inspired guidance is a main function of the Presidents of the Church.

"This book contains the essential teachings and practical philosophy of President Heber J. Grant, covering the whole field of human needs and problems of the day."

(From the dust jacket)


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