Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ancient America and The Book of Mormon

Title: Ancient America and the Book of Mormon
Author: Milton R. Hunter & Thomas Stuart Ferguson
Year: 1950
Special notes: Comes with library-style dust jacket plastic cover

Condition: Very good
Binding: Very good
Highlights/writing: None
Cracks and tears: None

Price: $10.00
Shipping: $2.50

"The unique confirmation of the truth of Joseph Smith's claims here presented makes this book (Ancient America and the Book of Mormon) of special value to all Latter-day Saints.

By the use of paralleled quotations from the Works of Ixlilxochitl [a sixteenth centory Mexican history] and The Book of Mormon, striking similarities appear, which confirm to a remarkable degree the story of The Book of Mormon. These are printed in this volume and make it an important and valuable document in the study of The Book of Mormon.

It is difficult to understand why we, a Book of Mormon people, have allowed this ancient book ((theWorks of Ixlilxochitl), a real opportunity for us, to slumber so long. But now we have it, and no doubt its testimony will be used by gospel students for years to come."

(From the dust jacket)


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