Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Way to Perfection. Joseph Fielding Smith (1956)

Title: The Way to Perfectio
Author: Joseph Fielding Smith
Year: 1956

Condition: Good. Slight dark decoloration on cover
Binding: Good
Highlights/writing: A few light, black and color pencil marks. Some
Cracks and tears: The inside of the book has one crack on the binding (see picture)

Price: $7.50
Shipping: $2.50

Info: While still a fairly young apostle, Joseph Fielding Smith set out to write a book on behalf of the Genealogical Society of Utah to 'Justify the large place salvation for the living and the dead occupies in the life of every Latter-day Saint.' What he produced was an extensive and up-close look at every aspect of the plan of salvation — from the organization of intelligences to the celestialization of the earth.

Still one of the great treatises on the Father's 'perfect plan of salvation' The Way to Perfection surveys with remarkable precision and doctrinal clarity, the vast expanse of revealed truth that comes to us from the Restoration concerning the true nature of God, His purposes for man, the provisions He has made for our redemption, the power of His ordinances, the central role of the family, and the pathway open to us whereby we can achieve perfection with Him.

The book includes several infamous references to the curse of Cain and the priesthood limitations the black race is under.


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